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About AL Kangaroo Nursery

Welcome to the best nursery in Sharjah. At Al Kangaroo Nursery we offer full and part time care for toddlers and children between the ages of 4 months and 4 years, in small, well supervised, and age appropriate groups. With over 30 collective years of teaching experience, we know that children thrive in stimulating environments where they are free to play, explore, imagine and learn. We are passionate about our ethos, believing that all children deserve fun and meaningful learning experiences; days that are filled with care, laughter and discovery, where they are free to develop their own interests, learning at a pace that suits them. We believe that if children ‘feel’ well, they will think well and thus learn well.

Our Vision

To initiate the first step in the children of tomorrow on their educational journey; through a broad, balanced, and unique curriculum.

Our Mission

To provide high quality affordable childcare in a sensory rich environment, to create a safe, nurturing environment where a child’s emotional and physical needs are a priority. To support and facilitate children’s development through play, enquiry and the environment. To encourage independence and collective responsibility; concern and care for themselves, others and the environment and to develop resourcefulness, self-confidence, tolerance and respect

Our Goals

We constantly invest in the nursery in terms of resources and training to ensure that we keep moving forward. Unlike large chain nurseries the owner of the nursery is an active member of the staff and this means that safety and quality are high priorities.

What We Offer

English, French, and Arabic classes British curriculum First aid certified staff Healthy meal plans prepared and delivered fresh every morning Safety and security with online surveillance cameras Gymnastics, karate, Zumba, swimming, and other activities Arts, crafts, reading, puppet shows, and baking Full-time nurse Quran reading (optional) Ramadan, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, and other festival celebrations Monthly outings